How it Works

Meet & Greet

Let’s see if we’re a good fit! We offer a 15-minute complimentary virtual or phone meet and greet


Prenatal Care

Private prenatal classes or prenatal appointments to give you the coping mechanisms and understand all of your options during labour.

Birth Attendance

You will have access to educational, emotional and physical support to make your birth as empowering as possible


why it matters

Birth Support Specialist

From prenatal meetings to the delivery room and postpartum period, a birth doula offers physical, emotional, and informational assistance to ensure a positive birth experience.

Birth Doula

Pregnancy can be an exciting but confusing time as the body changes and adapts to a new visitor (or multiple visitors)!


A birth doula is someone who offers educational, emotional and physical support through all stages of your pregnancy and postpartum.


Whether you’re curious about my services, if we’d be a good fit, or just have any other questions, I’m here to answer them